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Skittle Bomb

As a delicious party cocktail, Skittle bomb is a perfect combination of tart and sweet-tasting shooter flavor. It has an ideal Red Bull and Cointreau ratio that makes its taste unique and popular enough to be known around with different names. In France, this skittle-like tasting cocktail is known as Retreau, while in Singapore, it’s the Cointreau Bomb or C-Bomb. In some places, it’s served with the names, depth charge, or bomb shot.

In case one has a feel of trying something adventurous, they can even try the Shooter (original) variations by adding some concentrated fruit juices/cordial. It will provide the drink with fantastic color and a fruity flavor too.

Making Tips:-

Skittle is the brand for multi-colored and fruit-flavored sweets with some hard candy shells, carrying the letter S, representing the brand.


Skittle Bomb is served in 1 Rocks glass and 1 Shot glass, where you can add,

  • Triple sec 1 shot- Best with Cointreau
  • Energy drink’s ½ can- Red Bull (the best choice)

Skittle Bomb Making

  • In the rocks glass, pour energy drink.
  • In the shot glass, pour triple sec.
  • Make sure to remind the drinker before having a chug to drop down the triple sec in the energy drink.

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